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Channel ONE, the renowned broadcasting TV channel in Sri Lanka, has marked a place for ourselves by catering to a diverse audience encompassing both the young and old. With a remarkable four years of success under our belt, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in providing EDUTAINMENT. Upholding content and production quality as paramount, we at Channel ONE relentlessly strive to enhance the television experience, while ensuring the unwavering loyalty of our viewership.

Main Programme Categories: Ladies | Youth | Edutainment | Music | General | Film & Drama

Social Follower ship: Facebook : 156k | Youtube : 35.8k

Channel StatisticsChannel Operation:24X7Average Viewership per program:120,000 (during evening prime time)Content focus:Predominantly broadcasting locally produced original content while showcasing international newsworthy information.

Target Audience

15 60 years Mainly Teenage, Youth and Female

Mainly Teenage, Youth and Female

Urban: Colombo,Kandy,Galle etc.

Suburbanand rural

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